As of late I have ebbed and flowed between inspiration and exasperation. Finding my place and getting into the groove of the MFA program has been an exciting challenge.

I have begun to delve a bit deeper into the question asked in Mentored Teaching:

Why are you getting an MFA? 

Why are you here specifically and UAF and what events, life experiences or decisions led you to get here? What do you want out of your MFA program and what is your plan to make sure you get what you need?

A wonderful series of events led to me relocating to Fairbanks in 2012.

Little Diomede, Alaska

After spending the better part of the summer living and working in Nome, Alaska and surrounding villages I considered leaving the grind of San Francisco and traded my shared room for a winter of adventure and exploration. I had not considered an MFA at UAF until living in Alaska for about a year. The stark beauty of the tundra struck me with such a sense of awe. I could not put my camera down ( and still can’t). The initial awe hasn’t ceased, the constant changing land of the far north, the people and the connections I’ve made serve as an endless inspiration. I cannot say that I would be here without my counterpart Isaac Thompson. I arrived in Alaska as a friend eager to see a homeland and have remained to become family. My work has been influenced by my integration and interaction with the Thompson Family in Nome, Alaska. I hope to continue to explore and create photographs that translate my love for the land and the communities I inhabit. 

I seek to leave UAF with MFA  as a competitive artist with the tools to work beyond Alaska. I hope to have a ‘toolbox’ overflowing. I hope to improve my aptitude to story-tell visually and poetically.  I seek to improve my ability to analyze and critique with tact and honesty. My greatest hope is to produce a body of work that is remarkable, true and beautiful. I hope to find and connect with artists and mentors who seek life, beauty and question everything. 

I used to have this pinned to my dorm wall, it grew tattered and I reprinted it when I moved to Fairbanks and now I will share it with each of you!